Supporting Sustainability & Creating Opportunity

Complexity and costs continue to rise for Ontario farmers to confirm their sustainability performance amid an increasing number of codes, standards, and verification requirements.

The Sustainable Farm and Food Initiative is an effort to create a system that will simplify the process of meeting sustainability requirements through a whole farm approach.

By building on the strength of the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) and Growing Your Farm Profits (GYFP), Ontario farmers have a unique opportunity to develop a robust and trusted sustainability initiative.

Or download a PDF of the presentation SustainableFarmandFood_Overview.pdf

By working together to determine equivalencies with both existing and emerging sustainability standards and programs, Ontario commodity groups have the opportunity to proactively meet the growing demand for proof of sustainability from their customers – the food and retail sector.

There is also an emerging opportunity to collaborate with other provinces on a national approach to farm and food sustainability, an important step forward for the Canadian agri-food system.

Supporting Sustainability & Creating Opportunity

Curious about sustainability in the Ontario agri-food sector? Please join us on April 19th for an update on the Sustainable Farm and Food Initiative (SFFI). This is an opportunity to hear what we have learned through the stakeholder consultation process and how SFFI will help Ontario farmers meet emerging sustainability requirements across the agri-food value chain.

Open house from 2-6pm at the Quality Inn in Woodstock, ON
Formal presentation, also available via Webinar at 2:30pm